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These are the components of Centered Riding®.  Each one builds upon itself and each other; integrating into our very being, allowing our bodies and minds to open to the horse as we ask them to open to us.
I have been a Centered Riding® instructor since 1997, and had the invaluable experience of being mentored by a senior CR instructor for 5 years. The above CR basics changed my life, bringing awareness to me that I had never considered. The most worthwhile thing about the CR basics is their benefit for every day life, it isn't just about riding; it is about being present in your body.
I have studied Tai Chi and the Alexander Technique, both
of which greatly contribute to Centered Riding®. Ground exercises are used to enhance the understanding of what can happen while mounted. "Body work", can be hands-on or visual to aid the rider in allowing the release of tension and in making connections within the body and to the horse.
An exciting moment for one of my Centered Riding® student's was at an equine learning seminar. While someone else held a horse, the instructor had the student sitting on it, facing rearward. After a moment of getting comfortable, the rider was asked to back the horse. My student sat there, breathing, remembering what she had been taught thru Centered Riding®; centered and "grew", and intended the desired movement and the horse backed! Everyone, especially the instructor were amazed and wondered how she had done that! Especially since the object of the lesson was to allow yourself to ask for assistance!
Centered Riding® students all over the world are having similar experiences as they get in touch with their inner bodies and their horses are most appreciative!
In an effort to spread the word, I am currently offering small group lessons for haul-in riders at just $40 per rider!  Call to schedule!
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