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$75 rider participation/$25 audit fee
-Rider participation will be limited to 8.
-Clinic registration must be made 5 days in advance. Unless otherwise specified.
-Clinics begin at 9am.
-Day stalls can be reserved in advance at $20. Otherwise horses will be tied to trailers for 2-2 1/2 hours.
Horse and rider combination musts be comfortable to walk and trot in a new environment in a small group, otherwise, they may be dismissed to work with me privately following the clinic.

VIRTUAL-Following the outline below, of a Basic clinic, we will video each participant riding a test, the video gets sent in to NAWD and a real judge, judges it and you get your test back all filled out by the judge! If participation warrants, we will do a second one day clinic on the 20th of Nov.

BASIC-Understanding your body before using it to effect the horse!  We will spend 2-2 1/2 hours doing unmounted exercises and theory; followed by 1 or 2 small group mounted lessons.

BEYOND THE BASICS-using your body & intent correctly to properly effect your horse.  Same outline as above. Prerequisite is participation in minimum of one BASIC clinic & will be offered by request to those participants

EQUINE BODY WORK: Stretches, running meridians, releasing tensions, on the ground warm-up exercises, mounted warm-up.  Same unmounted/mounted format as above.

Click here for registration for any clinic:

WESTERN DRESSAGE-Similar to above format, beginning with unmounted work with specific application for the western dressage horse and rider.  The specific topics will be according to the group needs. See registration form for more info:


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