Joy Ranch LLC - a peaceful dwelling place in undisturbed places of rest  Is32:18
Who am I? Or, in this case who are we?
Joy Ranch is a culmination of who Alan & Leigh Webber have become. There is a peaceful maturity at Joy Ranch: it is a place of learning, a resting place, a safe environment to grow and come to terms with life`s many journeys.
Our personal lives together and separately have been full of lessons in communication, patience, trust and God`s timing. We have each been winning, professional horse trainers for over 30 years and have seen the life of a show horse from the inside. Because of that experience, we made a conscious decision to be more humane in the care of both horses and humans. To this end, our most recent educators have been: Ruth Labbe, one of Sally Swift`s senior Centered Riding® instructors, Mary Wanless and Ana Gordon (Ride with Your Mind), James Shaw (Tai Chi For Equestrians-Ride From Within), Dr Deb Bennett and Heather Irbinskas.
 These instructors as well as others for yoga, the Alexander Technique and the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association lead us to find new ways to teach riders and educate horses.
We learn from each horse, rider and instructor as well as from life experiences; enabling us to reach out to individuals from many different angles. From this wealth, we have become encouragers: finding ways to say...Yes...and...try this... or what do you notice about your body and the horses` reaction?...Sharing what we have been given to help others is the stimulus for our lives and business.
This is your life. Are you who you want to be?
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